Every journey begins with a first step...

At some point, each of us becomes aware that we might need to think differently about our future; a newspaper article, a TV programme, an experience in nature, or a friend telling you their story. We all have to start somewhere. 

For me, it was finding out about the dying coral reefs, and the realisation that I couldn't stand idly by and watch such incredible biodiversity die. (Read the story here). My life changed there and then, but like many I was confused and unsure what to do about it. 15 years later, I'm still confused and unsure, but think I have also made a lot of progress in reducing my impact. As they say "every day is a school day", so there is always more to do. 

Welcome to the most fulfilling journey you will ever take.  

Systems Thinking

Common Cause

The Pale Blue Dot

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