Smart-Nature is the foundation for life.

Smart-Nature is far more important than many people acknowledge, but when they come to think about it, it is the foundation for all life - including us. 

As every child is taught, our food system and to a certain extent our drinking water is entirely reliant on nature's food chains. Everyday scientists uncover more and more amazing information about just how smart nature is, and how it works as a system. In fact, it could be argued that by destroying nature, we are the dumbest of the lot. 

Our vision is for a bio-region where our natural systems are able to thrive.  Where we protect and support our natural ‘life support' systems - air, water, land and biodiversity in the knowledge that they are the essential systems that sustain us.

We must protect endangered species and help to regenerate that which has been so badly affected by pollution, loss of habitat and over-exploitation. 

Smart-Nature is priceless. 

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