At Smart-Living we have set ourselves a big challenge - 
to change the way people think about the impact of their lifestyle choices on the rest of the world!

We aren't trying to stop you buying things. Far from it. Everyone needs a roof over their heads, food on their plates and clothes to wear.  But every pound we spend is an opportunity to make a difference, and that difference can be positive or negative, depending on your choice. 

Being a conscious consumer shouldn't be a 'nice to have' just for people who can afford it, so we are going to work really hard to find ways of making it affordable for everyone. After all, climate change isn't choosy, and it is likely to affect the poorest the most.  

Smart-living isn't just about technology. 

In fact, we think that relying on technology to save us is one of the most damaging ideas out there. Being smart is about everything in our lives and understanding how it affects our future. We believe that if more people know about smart products and services, we can not only lead better lives now, but so will our children.  


A listing for as many of the products as possible that we think are going to make a positive difference to the world. We are doing this a part of the gift economy, as a free service to everyone that uses the site - but if you feel that you would like to support our work, our fee is £100 per basic listing, or £250 if it includes a specific product review.   
Working with leading practitioners in low-carbon living, we are going to offer users the opportunity to make sense of complexity, to unpick the contradictory information and help consumers to make better choices. If you would like to join our panel of experts, please contact us.   
Everyone loves a bargain, right? With the right offer, we can give consumers the chance to try something new, possibly our of their comfort zone, as a first, low-risk step to becoming a conscious consumer.  
As the world reacts to the challenges of climate change and resource constraints, there has never been a more exciting time for news about products & services that are smart for you and the planet. If you would like us to share your news, please let us know in advance of publication. 
Darren Hall, Founder of Smart-Living
Hi. My name is Darren Hall and I have spent the last 15 years trying to do my bit for the environment at the same time as enjoying life. I have found it tough going, with many stressful moments along the way, from where to go on holiday to buying a mobile phone. I'm not a vegan, living off-grid, but I have accepted that our planet is in trouble. And if the planet is in trouble, so are we. 

The good news is that each and everyday, we have a series of choices that can help. Increasingly, we can live without compromising on cost or quality, keeping the economy growing without wasting precious resources and helping to combat climate change. But if I'm finding it difficult to make sense of the contradictory information and 'greenwash', then perhaps you are too. 

After all, no one wants to be dumb, especially when it comes to looking after the only home we have ever known, now and for the future.
Mukti Mitchell, Co-founder of Smart-Living
Hello, my name is Mukti. I grew up with eco-ideas and when I left education I wanted to put them into practice. To my surprise, I found every lifestyle choice I made to reduce my carbon footprint made me happier and healthier. A few years later I sailed around Britain in an eco-micro yacht as a promotional tour with the message that “reducing your carbon footprint improves your quality of life”.  
As well as giving talks on low carbon living I started to give workshops on quality of life. Running questionnaires past workshop-goers I saw another pattern: Almost all the lifestyle activities that people rate highly are low carbon. So genuinely improving your quality of life actually reduces your carbon footprint! When lifestyle choices are really smart and truly serve us in the long run, they are automatically are good for the community and the environment too.
It is my pleasure to join Darren Hall in founding Smart Living, where being smart is making choices with our own true long-term self-interest at heart. Smart-Living is an exciting forum for both developing an eco-friendly society of the future and improving the quality of all of our lives. I look forward to being in touch with you.
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